Slow Walkers

Slow Walkers

Join us for a great experience in slow pace

How do we do it? 

Small Group Tours
Within a small group understanding each other needs, it is easier to take the time and stop when needed. On each tour there are no more than 10 people in the group.

Adjustable Itinerary
As an experienced company for tours for slow walkers, we know how much time is needed for every site and how to plan each day to its full.

Adjusted Vehicles
We use for each tour the right vehicle that suitable for your needs.

Other Assistive Devices
During the tour when a longer walk is part of the site / route we add scooters or wheelchairs to make it possible for you to enjoy and not miss anything.


Come with us to rediscover the joy of learning through our trips in Israel, we make sure that every member of the group will see and experience all, no matter what.

You will discover more about faith and visit Jewish, Christian and Muslims sites according to your interests.

Involve all your senses through cultural understanding, self-discovery and personal enrichment.

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