Blind and Visually Impaired

Blind and Visually Impaired

Israel for all understand the need of special tours for people who are blind as well as sight impaired and as we are experienced with travel and people’s different needs we created special data and information for you –members of the blind community and those who are sight impaired.


For travelers who are blind we suggest smaller group tours where you’ll have the opportunity to meet each other as well as Israeli people.


Our knowledgeable tour guides will tell you all about this country in a very descriptive way and answer all your questions about each destination.


While planning the itineraries we’ll take you to places of interest where you’ll have to use all your senses of touch our tactile maps and models, The special touch of the salty water and the mud at the Dead Sea, smell the spices and the fresh vegetable in the markets and the fields, the bakeries in the Old City of Jerusalem, taste our excellent wines in the wineries, the typical Falafel Shwarma. Hear the prayers of all religions and sects, the bells of the churches as well as the calling for prayers by the Muezzin in the mosques beside new and up-to-date music and songs.


Our itineraries and activities are made to meet the interest and the expectations of all travelers as well as to let them experience new adventures they never had.

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