Israel Itinerary Especially tailored for people that use wheelchairs 10 days (9 nights) Bar / Bat Mitzvah Tour.

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Day 1
Arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport.  After you have cleared passport control escort you to your waiting driver.  Go to hotel for check-in.
Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 2
Morning at leisure to relax after the long flight yesterday. Breakfast is included at your hotel. Meet your guide in the hotel lobby and depart for the Beth Hatefutsoth, the Museum of the Jewish People, tells the unique and ongoing story of the Jewish People, a People among nations, and describes the special bond between the Jewish People and Israel.

The museum presents thousands of years of a flourishing, multifaceted culture, bringing to life the unity that underlies the diversity of the Jewish civilization. (We can meet there the Rabbi who will conduct the ceremony in Jerusalem).

Tour Jaffa – one of Israel’s oldest port cities. After lunch on own, visit Independence Hall, and relive the exciting moment of David Ben Gurion’s moving Declaration of the State of Israel.

End the day at the Azrieli Towers with a short film about the founding of the city and observatory. Return to the hotel for evening on your own.

Overnight: Tel Aviv

Day 3
First stop is Caesarea, the Roman port city on the Mediterranean. An audio-visual presentation brings to life the times of the Roman Legion controlling these shores several thousand years ago.

In Zichron Ya’akov, visit the Ramat Hanadiv – a natural gem dedicated to the memory of Baron Edmond de Rothschild. Ramat Hanadiv’s vision aspires to create a balance between man and nature.

After lunch on your own, we will continue north to Tiberias. Tiberias has been a popular destination for tourists for more than 2,000 years. As early as Roman times, this thriving recreation spa, built around 17 natural mineral hot springs more than 600 feet below sea level, welcomed visitors from every part of the ancient world. We’ll take a bout ride on the Kinneret – the Sea of Galilee.

Overnight: Tiberias

Day 4
Our day in Tiberias we’ll go around the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. The Sea lies roughly 650 feet below sea level and is 14 miles long and 7 1/2 miles wide at its widest point. The Sea is the major source of fresh water for the entire country. At the southern tip of the sea is Degania Aleph, Israel’s oldest kibbutz, founded in 1909, and its nearby twin Degania Bet (built in 1920).

Visit Kibbutz Kinneret, which was established in 1911. About six miles north of Tiberias, visit Kibbutz Ginosar, the former home of one of Israel’s great statesmen, Yigal Allon.

The kibbutz has a museum devoted to Allon’s life and the history of the Galilee region. It also houses the so-called “Jesus boat,” a 2,000-year-old boat excavated from the Kinneret in 1985 that was probably used at the time of Jesus.

Overnight: Tiberias

Day 5
After checking out of our hotel we go to have a special Tree Planting Ceremony. Feel your connection with the land of Israel by planting a tree with your own hands.

After lunch, Mini Israel miniature city is Israel’s newest and most exciting tourist attraction. Featuring over 350 beautifully crafted exact-replica models, of historical, religious, archeological and modern sites, Mini Israel presents you with a one of a kind Introduction to Israel, all in one magical site.

Upon arrival to the Holy City of Jerusalem, participate in the tradition of saying the “Shechiyanu” and “Borei Pri Hagefen” blessing, as pilgrims did when approaching Jerusalem throughout history.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 6
Troll through the Jewish Quarter. A special point of interest is the Cardo, the “heart” of the unearthed main Roman thoroughfare and ancient marketplace. Enjoy a visit of the excavations of the Herodian Mansions.

Tour the Southern Wall Excavations and the Davidson Center’s virtual 3D tour of the ancient Temple. Visit the Western Wall, and make the Bat Mitzvah celebration on the ancient road in Davidson Center.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 7
Visit the new museum at Yad Vashem, which opened to the public for the first time in 2005. You will tour this memorial to the darkest moment in world and Jewish history, its children’s memorial and exquisite gardens.

Experience Israel’s newest attraction, “Herzl’s Vision” where you can learn the story of Theodore Herzl, whose vision of a Jewish Homeland was only a ‘dream’.

Prepare for Shabbat. Candle lighting at the hotel and celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat in the Old City or at one of the many nearby shuls. A table is reserved for your Shabbat dinner in the hotel.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 8
Breakfast at the hotel at your leisure. Services at various nearby synagogues.

Afternoon touring options – walking tour (on your own) either to the Western Wall or through some of Jerusalem’s beautiful neighborhoods near the hotel. Evening to enjoy Jerusalem as she comes back to life after a rest on Shabbat.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 9
Depart Jerusalem for the Judean Desert. Start the day at Massada, King Herod’s desert mountain get-away palace and scene of the zealots’ last stand against the Roman Legion.

Lunch and swim at the Dead Sea Hotel with time to float in the unsinkable waters of the Dead Sea. Finish the day at Eretz Breishit. Welcoming to Abraham’s tent – There you can enjoy camel rides and a special dinner just like in the days of our ancestors.

Arrive back to your hotel in Jerusalem.

Overnight: Jerusalem

Day 10
After breakfast in the hotel, drive around to see the new city of Jerusalem, including the Knesset, the site of the Israeli parliament with its surrounding Rose Gardens.

Ammunition Hill, where one of the fiercest battles for Jerusalem took place during the Six Day War. Spend the afternoon doing last minute shopping, packing and relaxing.

Farewell dinner at restaurant in Jerusalem. Transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for return flight.

Please feel free to contact us on any matter; we are at your service.
Tel: 972-50-6614455