Slow Walkers

Join us for a great experience in slow pace, how is it possible you ask?

Here are the answers:

Small Group Tours
Within a small group understanding each other needs, it is easier to take the time and stop when needed. On each tour there are no more than 10 people in the group.
Adjustable Itinerary
As an experienced company for tours for slow walkers, we know how much time is needed for every site and how to plan each day to its full.
Adjusted Vehicles
We use for each tour the right vehicle that suitable for your needs.
Other Assistive Devices
During the tour when a longer walk is part of the site / route we add scooters or wheelchairs to make it possible for you to enjoy and not miss anything.


Come with us to rediscover the joy of learning through our trips in Israel, we make sure that every member of the group will see and experience all, no matter what.

You will discover more about faith and visit Jewish, Christian and Muslims sites according to your interests.

Involve all your senses through cultural understanding, self-discovery and personal enrichment.



Exploring Israel

The Holy Land – Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee, The Jordan River, and the Dead Sea, together with the markets, the museums, the spirit and learn about the food, wine, culture, and life style.

During the tour you will be able to choose accommodation from our vast options: hotels, family owned zimmers (B&B), guest houses, kibbutz hotels and even in monasteries.

You’ll be able to melt into the emotion, to soak up the culture, to feel and act in a wide range of local activities.


This is the way to do it, this is the way we do it – join us!


Please feel free to contact us on any matter; we are at your service.
Tel: 972-50-6614455


Dare to dream – we will make it happen!


  • A brief testimonial.
    It was one of the best vacations I ever had. Since being confined to a wheelchair I never thought I would be able to go to any country I wanted to And going to Israel was like a dream. Not only did Eli explore depths into everything but he was able to teach finer things that wasn’t obvious. He was compassionate and caring. He would not allow any hotel to skimp on their committment to provide what was expected.. Eli was caring and looked out for easy ways to get around. I would never never have been so proud and knowledgable of Israel if Eli hadn’t guided me.

    family visit to Israel
  • We were in Israel last week along with two women who are disabled and must use a scooter to get around. Our guide Eli was patient and caring, his vehicle is equipped to handle folks with wheelchairs or scooters. Despite the limitations of our companions we saw everything and went everywhere we wanted including the old city, the different quarters, the Western Wall, the Dead Sea and more. Eli loves what he does and loves his country and its incredible history. I don’t believe you could find a more reliable and intuitive guide. I will always be grateful to him for his kindness and his ability to ensure that his clients have a rewqarding experience.

    Superb tour for disabled
  • Eli lead our tour to Old Jerusalem. His attention to detail, his knowledge and his caring attitude made this tour the best tour of my life. I’m coming back.

    Look No Further