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Our Vision

The world is an open road. Everyone can travel and you can too!
In Israel4all we believe as you do, that people with physical limitations and special needs should have the same opportunities as those who are able bodied.

"Israel4All" promotes, facilitates and provides for the inclusion of all individuals with disabilities. This is accomplished through the programs and activities in our tours, events and activities in Israel.

"Israel4All" is dedicated to accomplishing full inclusion of all individuals with disabilities into our tours in Israel. To this end we will call you to include all your family members for your coming trip or mission tour to Israel.

Israel4All will always suggest destinations, products and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.

Our approach focuses on the needs of the clients, keeping their best interests in mind.

We believe our clients, service providers, and associates deserve honesty in all aspects of our business. The needs of our clients and associates will be kept as a first priority.

Eli Meiri is the founder and president of Israel4All.

Eli MeiriEli has more than 15 years of experience developing various services for individuals with disabilities and special needs.
He worked as a social worker in coordination of case management and was an executive director in rehabilitation centers specializing with people with mobility, senses, and emotional disabilities.

In 1997, Eli established the Tourism for People With Special Needs Department at Keli Tours – Israel till he founded Israel4All. He is a licensed travel agent and a tour guide. He is also a member of SATH - Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality.
Eli teaches in Tour Guides curses about tourism for people with disabilities and special needs

Our staff – We are working with independent tour guides specially trained working with people with disabilities.